The Port

I thought I would share a few photographs from a few days we had in Portrush.
When the weather is nice, this wee country is fab!

Our wee Rosie

Our wee Rosie

5 kids and a Dog

5 kids and a Dog

RNLI  Lifeboat

RNLI Lifeboat



So peaceful

So peaceful

Me 'earties

Me ‘earties

Ship in the Rocks

Ship in the Rocks

Rosie had a BALL on her first day at the beach, and we all had a much needed break away, sometimes a change of scenery is just what the Dr ordered :)


Belfast Sand Sculptor


We had a lovely family day out in the “Big Smoke” today…

The kids were AMAZED at this sand sculptor, I think the wee ones still think the big dog was real…

Sand Sculptor, Belfast



The Emerald Forest

Our lovely wee Labradoodle Rosie had her first walk at the Emerald Forest at the weekend…..of course I had to document the occasion!

The approach to the Forest

Fun in the sun

Pine cones!

Joah and his Owl

Sit....Good girl!

Rosie at the Emerald Forest

Sunrise Cycle….

I’m getting a chance to visit the archives, and edit some photos taken on our family holiday in the summer….
I just loved this early morning walk!


Sunrise Cycle

Leica M (mmmmm!)

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the latest offering from Leica…the new M (type 240).

This was my first time using a true rangefinder, and it is definitely a totally different ball game from shooting with an SLR. In the early days I was used to the split-prism viewfinder focusing, where you find a vertical line near your desired point of focus, and adjust to suit, but the rangefinder focusing is different again. It certainly would require a lot of practice to be quick enough for focusing on the children in this house!

Anyway….I thought I would share this image, as I liked the feel of the busy city street….not every camera shop has such an interesting scene outside the door.

Leica M 240

Can anyone name the Shop?

Here is a photograph I took some time ago, one I love, with a quick teaser thrown in for good measure :)

I love the way the red pillars and the windowsill frame the kids, although I love Black and White photography, some photographs just cry out to be displayed in colour.

The boys were oblivious to me at this point, but a second later they were all smiling and posing for the camera! I much prefer this shot though.

Cath Kidston Kids


So….can anyone guess the shop?

Do you want to play?

This was such a lovely moment. The wee girl on the left had just wakened up in the other room, and had come in to see what was happening.

Butterfly Spotting

I went out to the front garden today to try to photograph a gorgeous butterfly on the Buddleia, and I turned to see the twins trying to spot it too….

“Where did the Butterfly go?”

WeeGecko Photography is live!

Well, at long last I have managed to get a website theme that I like, so how better to kick off the blog here than with a few photos.

Here are a few from a family party that I think display my favourite style of photography, that of blending in to the background, and looking for those special moments, rather than posing and setting up a shot.  Of course there is a place for that too, but I just love those magic moments.


This is our twins enjoying the party food…


As you can see I love black and white photographs!