Can anyone name the Shop?

Here is a photograph I took some time ago, one I love, with a quick teaser thrown in for good measure :)

I love the way the red pillars and the windowsill frame the kids, although I love Black and White photography, some photographs just cry out to be displayed in colour.

The boys were oblivious to me at this point, but a second later they were all smiling and posing for the camera! I much prefer this shot though.

Cath Kidston Kids


So….can anyone guess the shop?
  • RQ

    Cath Kidson?

    • Very good Ruth, it is Cath Kidston. Isn’t it amazing how the colours are so recognisable!
      Any idea which one, for additional brownie points?
      PS: thank you :)

      • RQ

        Ha! Is it possible that it is the Belfast store or possibly Liverpool? I have been to neither so I think you have me beat here. Lol!
        Is it possible your lovely wee wife was inside it too? Ugh no, She doesn’t really like this shop does she? Not half!
        I’ll guess Belfast in August! :)

        • Shirley

          Love this photo – the zig-zaggy line of boys contrasts with all the straight lines and tidy crates in the window, yet their clothes exactly tone with the Cath Kidston colours! There is an irony too in the photo that amuses me. Have you any other photos of people seated in unlikely places?

          I’m going to guess it’s the Liverpool store…and I’m wondering along with Ruth if your wife might be inside there? ;)

          • Haha…you are both too good! Liverpool it is, and Gerry was inside.